Utilities Analyst

This listing has expired.


In this role you will primarily:

  • Perform data entry, additions and updates to utility account information, and other administrative tasks as necessary to maintain and update the (EnergyCAP) utility billing database.
  • Perform analyses of utility invoices, including comparison to historical utility usage and costs. Identify and report usage and cost anomalies, missing and incomplete data, and significant changes to usage patterns.
  • Analyze utility account service levels to determine whether cost savings could be obtained through changing to another tariff or tier, through meter consolidations, or through enrollment in a demand response program.
  • Coordinate with the Energy Manager and Energy Engineer, and develop and manage a portfolio of potential renewable energy projects, including estimated costs and savings, purchasing and leasing options, site considerations and implementation requirements, and life-cycle cash flow.
  • Utilize the (EnergyCAP) utility bill database to develop and maintain a browser-based dashboard of building energy indexes, comparisons of past and present utility usage, cost, and greenhouse gas emissions, a listing of conservation projects and their performance, and other required parameters.
  • Make recommendations to improve data collection processes in order to enhance information available for energy efficiency and cost control analyses, such as accessing utility company interval data, installation of (internal) meters, and in-house reading of utility company meters.
  • Monitor the accuracy and overall performance of internal metering equipment. Identify recurring problems and make recommendations for possible replacement, better maintenance, or upgrades. Develop estimated cost of recommendations.
  • Develop and lead an initiative to purchase, install, and integrate into the Building Management System a stand-alone weather station, providing the ability to develop local weather factors for energy demand analyses, tracking and real-time reporting of extreme weather conditions, and generation of a historical weather data file.
  • Research and identify available utility company rebates and incentives. Coordinate the preparation of incentive and rebate applications for planned conservation projects, track payment progress, and maintain accounting for payments received.
  • Develop and manage a monthly report of UCLA Health’s progress toward compliance with UC’s systemwide requirement to reduce building energy usage by at least 2% per year.
  • Provide support to the Sustainability Program for their award applications and annual greenhouse gas emissions reporting requirements.


Ability to:

  • accommodate changing priorities and complete tasks despite intermittent interruptions
  • assess and review utility/billing/energy management products and services to develop recommendations for departmental needs
  • communicate effectively and work harmoniously with a diverse group of individuals at all levels of the organization directly or indirectly involved with task and work assignments
  • implement a customer service approach, with a commitment to high ethical standards
  • operationalize and incorporate the concepts of sustainability into daily work efforts
  • take initiative, organize, and perform work in various situations where numerous and diverse demands are involved
  • work independently with minimal guidance and as part of a team, with the ¬†foster teamwork by maintaining a cooperative atmosphere and effective working relationships with a diverse population from various cultural backgrounds
  • complete assignments with attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy
  • make presentations and provide information to a diverse group
  • analyze and interpret written material and quantitative data to draw conclusions and make recommendations based on that data

At least 3 years working in a utility/billing/energy/business or related field.

Bachelor’s degree in related area and/or equivalent experience/training.

Demonstrated ability to write clear and concise reports. Capable of explaining technical and complex topics to staff, students, and the public. Strong technical writing skills and the ability to generate process documentation.

Demonstrated proficiency reviewing reports, bills, data exports, and the ability to manipulate this data with accuracy and proficiency.

Strong experience working in Microsoft Excel and SQL.

Experience gathering, organizing, and presenting large sets of data in an effective manner.


  • with energy metering devices and techniques for gathering/acquiring energy data
  • with facilities related documentation (construction drawings, technical specification documents, submittals, etc)

General knowledge of:

  • business and process analysis functions (invoices, bill verification, approvals, recharges, authorizations, etc). General knowledge of GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principals) and internal controls
  • utility billing, metering systems, and/or environmental economics. Understanding of utility billing and rate structures, and how they impact utility costs and energy efficiency metrics.

Knowledge of utility tariff structuring.

Must possess strong time management skills.

Strong interpersonal skills including tact, diplomacy, and flexibility to work effectively with administration, faculty, staff, students, and the general public.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working in a hospital environment and familiarity with standard protocols inherent to hospital operations.
  • Experience working with an Energy Management program.
  • Knowledge and experience using EnergyCap utility billing software.
  • Knowledge of lighting, HVAC and building control equipment/systems.

UCLA is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.

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